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Virtual Reality

The next big thing out there in tech and gaming has Oculus written all over it. We are at the forefront of virtual reality and it will take over human interaction just as quick as the smart phones have. VR will change the way we communicate everyday:

  • New social meetings
  • Seeing an old friend
  • Attending a show
  • Seeing a game
  • Performing a surgery
  • Human to computer interfaces

These and many more will all  be dramatically enhanced and revolutionized thanks to VR.

We see smartphones as a way that we brought computers out into the real world, but virtual reality’s really the way we’re now gonna go into the virtual world.

– USC professor Mark Bolas

Virtual reality will stretch far beyond the boundaries of Facebook avatars and will pave way to the most realistic and precise human interactions. A surgeon would be able to perform any complex surgery from the comfort of his home; away from any harmful bacteria or infection. Being able to walk on the surface of a faraway planet or combat training are just a few examples.

Going with Matthew Rader’s dream of being able to move through a movie while it is actually playing will be superseded by live theater plays where you may stand anywhere, live boxing matches up close and personal, and even live sports in conjunction with smaller and more available motion capture technologies that would be attached to athletes, actors, and even astronauts. Movement data would be fed to your fully immersive internet-enabled VR headset and you could experience it live in front of your eyes.

Who knows maybe in the future there would exist a video camera that will record the 3d position of any moving object in reference to itself thus rendering all visual data from each angle of recording and applying the visual images gathered as textures. Fully 3d photorealistic live reality. Ridiculous.

Moving even further in the future we could see brain to headset communications recreating the physical movement in our eyes thus removing all dangers of  using a VR since you would most likely be stationary now. We have already achieved brain to brain communication where a person’s brain transmits a thought through the internet into another person’s brain. It would be only a matter of when and how much. With everything discussed here, at this moment we are only on the tip of the iceberg that is Virtual Reality.


The newest Prototype, Crescent Bay.
The newest Prototype, Crescent Bay.


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