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iQ Alpha


A remote portable device that controls electronics using a basic library of thought commands using EEG and Bluetooth technology.

EX1: The User sets up Smart LED Bulbs in his room that are compatible with Bluetooth. As he enters the room, the user would only need to think about the lights turning on and they do.

How It Works

The user would put on the device and then first connect it to their computer. By launching the Application they can set up the device using their own neurological brain patterns. Once the device is synched up the user can they begin connecting their [IQ] to other devices. The Simple Library would consist of On/Off commands that allow them to control basic functions of most devices.

Turning on Electronics would be just a thought.


  • Micro¬†Arduino Controller
  • Head EEG¬†sensor
  • Bluetooth 4.0 antenna

Future Direction

As technology increases and sensors become more accurate, the user would be able to expand the basic library into a large list of complex commands and macros. This would allow the users more control over the devices they are connected to. In example, They would be able to control the intensity of the light and dim them on command. They would also be able to turn on applications on their computer. Eventually iQs would be able to connect to one another and be able to send telepathic thoughts, changing the way we communicate between people.

Max Rodriguez & William Meshchery

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