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iQ Project

The iQue is a wearable device that allows you to use your mind to control electronic devices, such as a Phillips Hue Bulbs. The device works by measuring values of concentration and meditation and converting those values into data that can be transmitted to remote devices.

People will be capable of  putting on the iQue and control a set of Phillips Hue bulbs. As the user concentrates on the bulbs, raising the value of concentration, they can turn the bulbs on. If the user reaches a state of mediation, the bulbs can be turned off. They device is completely wireless as a raspberry pi was attached to the headset, allowing it to be used without the need of a laptop. The added batter pack gives extra power allowing the device to be used for multiple hours.

iQ Prototype

We have successfully managed to communicate to the Phillips Hue lightbulb with the Mindwave headset. By using nothing but our brain waves we can turn our lights on or off. Once the user’s attention reaches a certain value, the light will turn on and stay on. To turn the light bulb off, simply do the same by meditating.

Although this may seem simple, the ability to use our very own brainwaves to manipulate the light is a major breakthrough towards our final goals with the project. As of today we will only be demonstrating the proprietary eSense meters. We will be streaming our attention and meditation values directly controlling the hue api using Cylon.js. In the future, we will be expanding our research to control the Hue and Luminosity of the bulb, visually representing our mental state in vibrant color.

  But How?

When we first started we ran into a problem with the operating system. Windows was incompatible with the software so we switched over to Ubuntu Linux.Cylon is a JavaScript framework for robotics and physical computing. It runs inside of Node.js which is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast apps. The headset transfers values to our Linux laptop via Bluetooth into Cylon.js to the Phillips bridge via WiFi router to the hue bulb.

Future plans include changing the colour of the light based on brain waves and making it all work on a raspberry pi.

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